Requirements to provide service
- Have an area of no less then 20 Square feet to dedicate to equipment
- Have a power receptacle (NEMA 5-15R) in close proximity (6 feet) to litter box

*plus applicable taxes

- Sara Prieur, Owner

Monthly Service cost: $149.99* (24 month contract)

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Who should have a managed litter box?
- Anyone with a very busy schedule
- Anyone who hates the task of cleaning a litter box
- People who are having problems managing the smell of the cat litter box
- Pregnant women
- Anyone with an under-functioning or weak immune system

My Pet Service now offers a premium managed litter box service!

"Our goal is to provide the healthiest, safest odour free environment for you and your cat(s). Our equipment allows your cat to have a fresh litter box every time it is used.  We know what it takes to have the best cat litter box service for your home!"

What is included?

- State of the art self emptying cat litter box (provided as a service)
- Charcoal filtration system (filter changed every 6 months)
- Quality clumping cat litter low odour
- Pet friendly solvents are used in the cleaning of the litter box to ensure safety for you and your pet.
- 4 weekly service visits per month

Weekly Service Visit:
- Empty Litter Box
- Change box liner
- Perform litter box service and cleaning
- Vacuum any loose litter from floor