Vacation Care  (Per day) - $65.00*

Vacation Care

My Pet Service will treat your dog like family.

We offer tailored vacation packages in your home on a case by case basis.  

Please call for more information.

*   Plus applicable taxes
‚Äč**  Please note that potential traffic, construction, or weather constraints, can  affect the arrival/start times.         We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment if travel conditions are unsafe. 
    Extra charges may apply for walks outside of operating hours.

My Pet Service has an unmatched premium vacation service of 1 family of dogs to 1 caregiver ratio.  We offer care in our home for 1 family of dogs at a time.

What we offer on a vacation day:

  • Food (must supply your own food if animal has special diet)
  • Treats (Freeze dried beef liver and chicken)
  • Walks (3 Walks - 45 Minutes)
  • Socialization 
  • In house playtime 
  • Training re-enforcement
  • Pickup and drop off on your departure or return
  • Light grooming services (available at an additional charge)
  • Free to roam (no dog is crated unless required)
  • NEW! Free picture book of your dogs vacation (after 5 days of care)